Piano Instruction

The unique bond between student and teacher is the key to success, as is the power of intention and motivation.   I offer long term formation of various technical, theoretical and aural skills. My teaching is focused on artistic goals and the cultivation of musical excellence. Emphasis is on developing effective practice habits, self awareness, musical insight and healthy technique.


My  training in piano pedagogy was with Claire James, assistant to Egon Petri, and in ear training pedagogy with James Wimer, assistant to Renee Longy. I offer specialized consultations with teachers of piano and ear training, all in the spirit of collegiality. Emphasis is on the practical and psychological challenges of artistic teaching, and the specifics of technique.  I provide younger, less experienced teachers an opportunity to broaden their teaching skills and gain a strong pedagogical foundation.

Career and College Counseling

I focus on the challenges of gaining entry to appropriate training programs, regardless of instrument or current skill level. Audition and resume preparation are essential components, as is a realistic assessment of ability and potential for long term development.